Getting Back to Sport

Dr Sandeep Bawa has a Specialist Interest in Sports & Exercise Medicine (SEM).  He was Medical Team Leader for the football matches at the London Olympics 2012. He also has provided Medical Support to the Athletes Village during the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. Sandeep has been the Team Doctor at Uddingston Cricket and Sports Club since 2008, and has been part of the medical support team for national and international cricket matches. He has previously held the position of Vice President of Uddingston Cricket & Sports Club. Sandeep has treated several elite athletes over the years.

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Rheumatology is a broad specialty, incorporating both general medicine and musculoskeletal diseases. Activity-related, regional musculoskeletal injuries are commonly seen in rheumatology clinics, and an insight into the mechanisms of injury and advanced rehabilitation techniques are all vital in the management and prevention of recurrence of such conditions.

The treatment of these injuries involves input from a multidisciplinary team, the core of which includes the consultant, physiotherapists and conditioning experts. This team may also include nutritionists, osteopaths, psychologists, physiologists and others, depending upon the patient’s needs. Sandeep can diagnose sports related injuries and working with his colleagues can work with the patient to tailor a treatment and rehabilitation program.

It is important to understand that exercise plans in patients with generalized joint disease, require an in-depth knowledge of both the disease itself and the physiological responses to exercise. In many situations, more can be learned from the body during exercise than at rest, and an understanding of the impacts of exercise can be invaluable in optimizing clinical care and developing the optimal recovery program.

With this in mind Sandeep is available to review casual, amateur and professional athletes including footballers. If indicated emergency appointments can be given to accommodate the needs of both individuals and Sports/Football Clubs.

Some of the more common sports injuries that Dr Bawa treats are:

  • Golfers Elbow
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Tendonitis
  • Swollen or Painful joints
  • Muscle pain related to exercise
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Achilles Tendinopathy