Personal Injury… Get an expert opinion

Dr Sandeep Bawa can provide medico legal reports to insurance and legal companies or directly to an individual. Sandeep has access to a comprehensive array of medical services and support Consultants, covering all disciplines, with a wealth of experience and expertise, all located within the Nuffield Hospital in Glasgow where he practices.

He can usually action a request for a report within 48 hours and if tests or imaging are required this can be done as part of a one stop visit in most cases. Normally the report will be returned to you within seven business days, dependant on any other tests that may have been requested.

To book this service, please contact Dr Bawa’s support team for more details and they will be able to organise an appointment at a suitable time.

Service Features

  • Rapid Access appointments
  • Personal injury reports by Dr Bawa supported by specialists & Consultants form other specialties as required.
  • Professionally managed service with fast turnaround reporting
  • Investigations: Rapid Pathology, MRI, CT, Radiography, Physiotherapy, Ultrasound & more…
  • Psychological support is available if required

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