How to pay for your treatment.
Safe, Secure, Simple…

When you make an outpatient appointment at our hospital you will be asked how you would like to pay for your treatment and cover your hospital costs, such as tests and scans that may be required, and also to cover your initial consultation fees.

The hospital operates a secure credit card payment system and you will be asked to supply your details when making the appointment or on arrival at the hospital to see your consultant. At this point no charge will be made against your card.

For all patients proceeding to further treatment then payment is required in full at least seven calendar days prior to your surgery being carried out. Please note that with regards to cancellation or rescheduling of surgery for whatever reason we try to be as flexible as possible however you will be charged for any pre-assessment tests or specialist supplies bought specifically for your procedure. If you need to cancel or reschedule please contact us as soon as possible to avoid additional costs.

Many of our patients will be covered by Personal Medical Insurance and we are accredited providers to all major PMI companies. We would ask you if you are coming for treatment under such a policy to ensure that you have contacted your insurer and have obtained the necessary pre-authorisation for your consultation or treatment. Also many policies will have an excess amount that you are required to pay to the consultant or the hospital. In these cases the hospital will take a swipe of your debit / credit card as a guarantee of payment.

You may also pay by cheque or cash and in this case the same principles as above will apply.