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October 2013

  • The chef got my poached eggs exactly right every time ( and everything else for that matter).(Rating: Excellent)
  • Food very good too. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Catering staff were friendly and excellent. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Shaun the host/catering service was very friendly and chatty. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Catering staff were really nice and helpful. Nothing was too much hassle. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Very nice catering staff. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Catering staff deserve a mention (Room 20 – 18&19/10/2013). (Rating: Excellent)
  • Andrew from catering and his colleague who was on duty the previous night both gave very good service. (Rating: Very Good)
  • The catering staff were very friendly and helpful, it was a pleasure to stay. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Andrew and the hospitality team were also very kind and supportive, a real credit to the team. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Andrew, who served breakfast, is always very positive and professional but everyone who served my meals did so with a smile. (Rating: Excellent)
  • The gentleman who brought breakfast was lovely. (Rating: Excellent)
  • The catering staff were really nice and friendly, especially Anne and Jane. (Rating: Excellent)
  • The catering staff were all very friendly, approachable and highly competent in their roles. (Rating: Excellent)
  • The catering staff were very helpful and friendly. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Dr McKenzie and Dr Dunaway were fantastic. Dr McKenzie’s humour and friendly manner relaxed me prior to my operation and post Op also. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Dr Dover is an excellent communicator, he was very clear in in explaining the procedure. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Ben Chew was recommended to me and so I was treated at Nuffield as I would have travelled anywhere in order for him to treat me. (Rating: Excellent)
  • I had complete confidence in my surgeon Mr Koshy, I felt safe in his hands. (Rating:Excellent)
  • Dr Koshy could not have been better. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Mr Teenan was very good explaining procedure before and following up after. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Dr Rava and his staff were excellent. (Rating: Excellent)
  • All the nurses provided a warm and empathetic service. Night nurse Lisa was especially kind (Rating: Excellent)
  • Laura the nurse on duty during the night was very respectful of the nature of the procedure I underwent and showed genuine warmth which was much appreciated. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Carol and the night shift girls, Andrea on the day shift. Very friendly and caring and put me at ease. Thank you girls. (Rating: Excellent)
  • The two nurses who dealt with me were excellent. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Lisa the nurse gave me fantastic service and there is a great credit. (Rating: Excellent)
  • All the nurses were great and very helpful. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Nurses were great. (Rating: Excellent)
  • All the nurses were very professional and caring. (Rating: Excellent)
  • I received excellent treatment and advice from senior nurse I McNeil. (Rating: Excellent)
  • The nurses were amazing, helpful and kind. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Nurses Margaret and Isobel were extremely kind and helpful. I felt safe and well cared for, especially when managing pain relief. (Rating: Excellent)
  • My night nurse was great as was my day one. (Rating: Excellent)
  • The nurses were nice and friendly, especially Isabel. (Rating: Excellent)
  • The central heating system was very noisy and disturbing during the night. (Rating: Very Good)
  • Difficulty in sleeping due to the excessive noise from the heating system, especially when ‘off’. It was quieter when turned back on!!! (Rating: Excellent)
  • Maintenance needed in room/ washroom- defective light in shower; no bolt on door; shower control very stiff; hot tap loose. Heating and water very noisy (Rating: Very Good)
  • No shower gel in the bathroom. Pillows and quilts were rubbish, and curtains and blinds not good.
  • No pen/pencil in the room. Heating system was noisy. (Rating: Excellent)
  • I have not one bad word to say about my stay at Nuffield. Every one, from the domestics to the nursing staff and Mr Reece, all made me feel like a VIP. Thank you, every one. (Rating:Excellent)
  • After the first visit, the experience was so good that we looked forward to each of the subsequent ones. This form covers two patients, one male, one female. (Rating:Excellent)
  • The staff were all special and the service was 5 star. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Staff were efficient and effective, but also happy, smiling and positive. This makes a big difference. Thanks. (Rating: Excellent)
  • All staff were excellent, extremely competent and very friendly, from the doctors, physiotherapists and nurses down to the catering and reception staff. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Staff were courteous, polite and always willing to make sure that everything was as it should be, or maybe even better. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Everyone I met was very professional and caring, from cleaners to surgeon. (Rating: Excellent)
  • The staff were great. (Rating: Excellent)
  • All staff deserve a mention (Room 20 – 18&19/10/2013). (Rating: Excellent)
  • Every person I met deserves mention – They could not have done more for me. (Rating: Excellent)
  • All the staff made me feel really well cared for, they knew their jobs inside out and nothing was too much trouble. (Rating: Excellent)
  • The staff were very pleasant, attentive and made me feel at ease. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Everyone I encountered was very polite and seemed eager to help in any way they could. (Rating: Excellent)
  • I have to say all members of staff were so friendly and professional and helpful including kitchen staff. (Rating: Excellent)
  • All the staff were excellent, both day and night staff. All were very understanding and kind. (Rating:Excellent)
  • Excellent service was provided by all staff. (Rating: Excellent)
  • All staff were very kind, gentle, polite, cheerful and gave me TLC. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Susan was very comforting and supportive. (Rating: Excellent)
  • The reception staff were helpful and kind. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Margaret, Isobel, Carol and Patricia were all very friendly, approachable and highly competent in their roles. (Rating: Excellent)
  • It was excellent all round. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Treatment and care was excellent. I would definitely return and recommend this hospital to others.
  • I have not been a private patient before but will do so in future. (Rating: Excellent)
  • I could not fault any aspect of the service provided. (Rating: Excellent)
  • First class service. (Rating: Excellent)
  • I was disappointed not to see my consultant the day after my procedure. (Rating: Very Good)
  • Collecting this questionnaire before leaving is too early. Should wait until home. (Rating: Excellent)
  • I would just like to say that on my way to theatre I felt quite nervous, but Mr Chew and his team made me feel quite at ease and comfortable, and the nurses are angels! I only wish had done this sooner! (Rating: Excellent)
  • I am delighted with the care I received from everyone, R. Maitlani, I McNeil, Sue Martin, C.McCarry, A. Richardson, C. Grant, Pat O’Donnell, the Receptionist, man who took my menu order and the girl who served me breakfast – sorry didn’t remember their names. (Rating: Excellent)

September 2013

  • Lovely variety of food. (Rating: Excellent)
  • I suggest you examine the menu descriptions, it attractively described buttered kippers but it was actually one ex frozen kipper fillet. (Rating: Satisfactory)
  • The tea and catering staff that brought my meals gave such good service and made me everything I asked for. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Andrew, catering staff at breakfast, was so courteous and made me feel like I was in a hotel! (Rating: Excellent)
  • Thank you very much to the catering staff who always had a smile on their faces and always very helpful. Nothing was too much trouble. (Rating: Excellent)
  • My son had to go to reception to order a breakfast service. (Rating: Not given)
  • Dr Koshy is wonderful (Rating: Excellent)
  • The nurses were also helpful. Top marks to everyone who looked after me during my stay. (Rating: Excellent)
  • There needs to be regular, positive contact from a nurse, my son had to go to reception to ask for a nurse. (Rating: Not given)
  • The Wi-Fi signal was very poor in my room. (Rating: Excellent)
  • TV programmes difficult to receive due to signal problems. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Information given was very clear. (Rating: Excellent)
  • The ward doctors offered little explanation of the post-op blood tests. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Your booklet explaining consent says it is based on English law. This is probably not correct for the legal relations between patient and doctor in Scotland. I did not understand that preparation time would be longer than recovery time. Not a problem though. (Rating: Excellent)
  • I cannot rate the staff highly enough. They were friendly, helpful and professional. (Rating: Excellent
  • I would like to thank all the staff in the Nuffield Health for their kindness. Thank you very much.(Rating: Excellent)
  • All staff were very friendly and kind. Excellent treatment. (Rating: Excellent)
  • All the staff were of gold service and they were all special. (Rating: Excellent)
  • All staff were very helpful. (Rating: Excellent)
  • All staff excellent , at all grades (Rating: Excellent)
  • Overall service excellent. (Rating: Excellent)
  • All staff were excellent and I have no complaints. Staff nurse Stephanie Orr was particularly helpful and inventive over small but irritating difficulties which I had. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Many thanks to everyone for all their help. Always making sure I was comfortable and all very attentive and polite. (Rating: Excellent)
  • All the staff were superb (Rating: Excellent)
  • Everyone was really lovely and caring. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Nothing to improve. All the staff are amazing, friendly and helpful. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Everyone was very pleasant, caring and helpful. (Rating: Excellent)
  • I have been so pleased to have been referred to this hospital. The treatment and care I have received from pre- to post-op has been second to none. All staff have been excellent, but Linda and Will were fab. (Rating: Excellent)
  • All the staff were very helpful and made my stay a lot better. (Rating: Excellent)
  • All staff were very friendly and put me at complete ease during my stay. Andrew was very attentive, professional and polite. (Rating: Excellent)
  • The front desk/main reception staff were great. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Jeanette was lovely and friendly (Rating: Excellent)
  • I found the internal reception administrators very snappy and rude. (Rating: Excellent)
  • The service at this hospital was the best I’ve ever had, thank you very much. (Rating: Excellent)


August 2013

  • The endoscopy was scheduled for 6.00 pm and I was asked to arrive at which I did. I waited 50 minutes before making enquiries about being shown to my room. I had been forgotten about! Not Good! (Rating: Very Good)
  • Staff at reception very brusque and quite unpleasant. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Catering assistant helpful and thoughtful. (Rating: Excellent)
  • The anesthetist Alex Patrick gave excellent information and care, and is a gentleman. (Rating:
  • Excellent)
  •  I received excellent care from Mr Leach. (Rating: Excellent)
  •  Mr Bradley, consultant, very good manner. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Dr Gavin talked me through my surgery. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Dr Michael P Garir for his kind care. (Rating: Excellent)
  • I was very disappointed to have had to wait two and a half hours for my medication, especially considering other patients were having the same common procedure as myself. Surely the pharmacy would have been aware of this. (Rating: Very Good)
  • Excellent and gentle care from ward sister Christina, also Morag and Stephanie – very caring. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Bank nurse Heather who dealt with me prior to my procedure was very nice and helpful. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Day nurse Mary and night nurses Carol and Pat were extremely attentive and caring. (Rating: Excellent)
  • I could not establish whether any Wi-Fi was available in the hospital. (Rating: Excellent)
  • I could not sleep for the very noisy air conditioning unit in room 24. There were also 2 loose sockets. I was advised that these problems had been reported!? (Rating: Excellent)
  • The air conditioning was efficient but noisy. I was surprised not to find a support rail beside the
  • shower and toilet. A lower mirror would be appreciated. (Rating: Excellent)
  • All the staff were very excellent (noted very good atmosphere throughout the ward and hospital even on pre assessment) (Rating: Excellent)
  • Everything and everyone excellent doctor and staff. (Rating: Very Good)
  • All the staff I met were extremely helpful. (Rating: Excellent)
  • All the staff were very courteous and smiled throughout. (Rating: Excellent)
  • All staff made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease during what was a stressful time for me.(Rating: Excellent)
  • I was very impressed by the kind care I received from all of the staff. (Rating: Excellent)
  •  From admission to my discharge the care I received was excellent, thank you. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Totally satisfactory. (Rating: Excellent)
  • I would definitely recommend the hospital to friends and family. (Rating: Excellent)
  • It would be useful for the hospital staff to have British Sign Language specialised signs in the medical sector for communication with patients and visitors. (Rating: Excellent)
  • The telephone ‘jingles’ when waiting for a call to the hospital are irritating. When told one is in a queue it would be helpful if one was told one was in position ‘x’ in the queue. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Everything was excellent, as were the doctors, nurses and other staff. (Rating: Excellent)
  • All staff and doctors and reception. Excellent. (Rating: Excellent)
  •  I experienced fantastic care from doctors and nurses that went way beyond my expectations. (Rating: Excellent)

July 2013

  • Food excellent. (Rating: Excellent)
  • The soup that I had post-op was delicious. (Rating: Excellent)
  • My only grievance was the size of the meal portions, they were always large, despite my asking for smaller portions (Rating: Excellent)
  • Anne Brannigan from Catering. (Rating: Excellent)
  • The standard of food and service was also excellent. (Rating: Excellent)
  • In section 1, I could have ticked the box for own room and short waiting list as being just as important. However at the pre-Op tests these were carried out in a room which had been used for other patients. Had the toilet been cleaned? (Rating: Very Good)
  •  I was informed by the NHS Lothian that I could reclaim expenses incurred but Nuffield knew nothing of this. May I suggest that NHS Lothian provide Nuffield with claim forms etc. (Rating: Excellent)
  •  Dr Reece (Rating: Excellent)
  • Mr Ayama very competent and caring, made me feel at ease. Would recommend to everyone. (Rating: Excellent)
  • My consultant Mr Smith was wonderful and made me feel reassured about everything. (Rating: Excellent)
  • All nurses excellent, made me feel very comfortable and at ease. (Rating: Excellent)
  • I don’t know the name of the nurse who did the pre Op assessment but she was excellent. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Isobel, my nurse took fantastic care of me. (Rating: Excellent)
  • My nurse Gemma was particularly helpful. A very polite, efficient and intelligent young lady. (Rating: Excellent)
  • My two nurses, Linda and Kate were very friendly and polite. Not that I visit hospitals a lot but this is the best I have ever been in for attention to detail and care. Well done! (Rating: Excellent)
  • Night nurse Carol gave me great care overnight, she was excellent in her approach to care and a good artist. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Nurse Caroline (room 26) (Rating: Excellent)
  • The nurses were excellent. (Rating: Excellent)
  • I couldn’t get a Wi-Fi connection. (Rating: Excellent)
  • You might want to rethink the TV which I see has recently been installed in the waiting room. Not nice! (Rating: Excellent)
  • When refurbishing the bathrooms could use some attention. (Rating: Excellent)
  • There should have been some discussion or advice regarding recovery including sexual intercourse. (Rating: Excellent)
  • All staff especially Neil from Theatre Staff. (Rating: Excellent)
  • All staff were excellent. Jan and Laura looked after me. They were knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Nothing was too much trouble for them. (Rating: Excellent)
  • All staff were very friendly and welcoming. This hospital has a homely feel to it. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Everybody was exceptional (Rating: Excellent)
  •  I have used the Nuffield several times and have always found the staff, pleasant, efficient and cheerful. (Rating: Excellent)
  • I was very apprehensive about my hospital stay as I have OCD but I cannot praise everyone enough. (Rating: Excellent)


June 2013

  • Catering staff member Andrew was excellent in delivering the delicious breakfast from the kitchen. Night nurse Laura was outstanding. The medical staff were very positive and encouraging. (Rating: Excellent)
  • My surgeon Mr W J Leach performed a superb arthroscopy on my knee. Hostess Sandra McDougall provided excellent service and advice. (Rating: Excellent)
  • It was excellent service, with excellent personnel and medical staff. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Arrival time at hospital was 4 pm. I arrived at 3.40 pm and was taken to my room where Heather was very helpful, but I was surprised to learn I would only be operated on at 6 pm. I t would have been useful to know this beforehand. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Nursing staff were helpful professional and friendly- all important from the patients point of view! (Rating: Excellent)
  • I was very disappointed that the WIFI did not work in my room or reception. Also problems with the TV remote controls. I had them changed but they still didn’t work. (Rating: Excellent)
  • The aftercare was awful. (Rating: Poor)
  • Out of all my hospital experiences this was by far the best so far. Well done to all the staff. (Rating: Excellent)
  • The nurses, catering, anaesthetists and surgeon, all excellent and I would recommend. (Rating: Excellent)
  • All the nurses were excellent especially Andrea. Thank you to all of them. (Rating: Excellent)
  • I found everyone to be very professional. (Rating: Excellent)
  • All the staff without exception gave excellent service in a friendly professional and supportive manner. (Rating: Excellent)
  • I felt that none of the staff really cared that much. They were not friendly or sympathetic. Andrea Jack, the nicest nurse without whom I would have left straight away. It is better care on the NHS and merely a number at the Nuffield. (Rating: Very Poor)
  • I was cared for by a lot of different staff, and sometimes there seemed to be a lack of communication between them.. though it was never a serious problem, (Rating: Excellent)
  • The facilities at the hospital were excellent and very clean. All the staff from reception through to pre-operative and post-operative were most helpful, courteous and caring. I am unable to suggest any improvements whatsoever. The nurse who cared for me, Jeanette, merits a particular mention for her treatment and care. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Generally I had a great experience. Although some assistance buttering bread would have been good as I had just undergone a shoulder operation. (Rating: Excellent)

May 2013

  • All of the staff were kind, considerate and helpful. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Janet Raby had a very pleasant attitude, her replies to my questions were easily understood and to my satisfaction. (Rating: Excellent)
  • The service and care that I received from the administration, catering and nursing staff was excellent and very much appreciated. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Letter stated date of discharge would be one day after admission. Discharge was on day of admission. Leaflet ref female hernia was included in package. This could be embarrassing to some patients. Attention by two members of staff was exemplary – Mary, pre-op visit, Jen, day of operation Check of discharge literature not satisfactory. Completion of Personal Discharge Information Check list left much to be desired. (Rating: Excellent)
  • The very noisy plumbing system kept me awake at night (Room 20). (Rating: Excellent)
  • From consultants to catering staff, everyone at the Nuffield is very friendly and helpful. Thanks! (Rating: Excellent)
  • Christine took my drains out, and she was so gentle. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Boiling water is required for tea, this was not the case. Many times food arrived not as listed in menu. Mrs Weiler Mithoff is very particular and inspires confidence in your treatment. All staff were excellent. Isabel and Margaret day nurses and Carol night nurse in particular. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Caroline and Jeanette were very attentive, caring and approachable. After-care advice poor. (Rating: Very Good)
  • No problems or complaints at all. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Every member of staff I met was always pleasant and helpful particularly Sister Morag. (Rating: Excellent)
  • I would have appreciated a visit from the consultant to explain to me what occurred during the operation. Time with consultant minimal. (Rating: Very Good)
  • My name tag had the correct name and date of birth but had the incorrect address, I think there was someone else in the hospital with the same name as me but this was only discovered by myself whilst being prepared for surgery. (Rating: Excellent)
  • I was very pleased with all aspects of my care. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Decor of rooms and public areas now very tired. This did not affect care, but could be more uplifting to patients, and staff. Every single member of staff gave excellent care. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Carol the nurse. Amazing! (Rating: Excellent)
  • The heating/AC system is very very noisy, even in the “off” mode – not good for sleeping. Every member of the staff I met was brilliant! (Rating: Excellent)

April 2013

  • Air conditioning in room 22 Glasgow is very noisy and I was unable to sleep as a result. Door did not close properly so could hear every noise in corridor. (Rating: Excellent)
  •  I had a great experience. Ben Chew is amazing. (Rating: Excellent)
  • The nurses have been brilliant. They were friendly, but very professional. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Care and attention excellent. Nurse Janet Raby could not have been more helpful. Mr Kumar was the first doctor in years to listen about my injury. (Rating: Excellent)
  •  SKY Sports. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Nurses Isabel and Linda were very caring. (Rating: Excellent)
  •  I received excellent treatment from all of the staff. (Rating: Excellent)
  •  Carol, night shift nurse, was great – responded to call bell immediately, and kept my pain under control. Very approachable, a great nurse! (Rating: Excellent)
  • The nurses in Glasgow are exceptional – very professional, caring and friendly. My consultant was excellent, as always. More training is required for the resident doctors on how to insert cannulas into difficult veins. (Rating: Excellent)
  • All staff were very helpful and caring. I was very pleased with how I was treated and would recommend this hospital to anyone. Special thanks to Morag Doherty. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Mr Sanjay Mantry operated with quiet efficiency and I felt reassured under his care, (Rating: Excellent)
  • I was very surprised to be admitted to the operating theatre whilst wearing outdoor shoes, I would suggest that plastic overshoes are used and issued at the admission’s desk. (Rating: Very Good)
  • Everyone took good care of me and explained all treatments clearly. I felt very comfortable and cared for whilst in the Nuffield. (Rating: Excellent)
  • All the staff were very friendly and helpful, making me feel at ease during my operation. Special thanks to my consultant, Mr. Byrne, my anaesthetist and Elspeth who carried out both pre-ops (Rating: Excellent)
  • My stay at the Nuffield was an experience that will always stay with me, it was excellent, thank you. (Rating: Excellent)
  • The nurse that looked after me had a very pleasant, kind manner. She was very competent, and willing to answer my queries. The reception staff were pleasant and helpful. The member of catering staff that brought a meal for myself and my visitors to my room had a very pleasant manner. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Andrea and Sister Bonner were wonderful. (Rating: Excellent)
  • All the staff were excellent. (Rating: Excellent)
  • My fourth visit to this hospital. All my expectations were exceeded. Friendly, professional and fantastic staff. (Rating: Excellent)
  • I received excellent treatment and care from all the staff (Rating: Excellent)
  •  The manager of the kitchen Andro, Dr. Ashfan, Dr. Shanbhag, nurses Isabele, Suzan, Debrah, Kristine, Linda, Morag and Lora, the reception staff and all the kitchen staff were excellent (Rating: Excellent)
  •  I don’t think the service could be improved, it was so good. Nurse Rita was a great asset to me, making my stay a very pleasant and reassuring one. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Special thanks to Nurse Doherty, who was extremely helpful and a very nice person. (Rating: Excellent)
  • I cannot praise highly enough the quality and diligence of all the staff who attended to me. It was five star treatment, which I greatly appreciated. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Cleanliness of room was poor. Shower drain was blocked and had obviously not been cleaned for months/years. I removed drain and inspected. Some nursing staff have poor bedside manners. (Rating: Satisfactory)

March 2013

  • My only complaint would be about the shower in the bathroom. The staff were perfect!
  • Exceptionally helpful and reassuring, and very professional. (Rating: Excellent)
  • The temperature control in the room was unsatisfactory. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Overall Nuffield is a better hospital than Ross Hall and the staff are more friendly. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Staff did not offer to help me to my car on discharge. I had to go back in and ask. The shower didn’t work and I was unable to use it throughout my whole stay. The room was not particularly clean. Cobwebs! (Rating: Excellent)
  • The service was excellent. Special mention of Nurse Jeanette, the nurse taking care of nine cataract patients. She was very friendly and informative, and made the wait for the operation pleasant. (Rating: Excellent)
  • All of the staff that attended to me during my stay were excellent. I have absolutely no complaints. (Rating: Excellent)
  • The staff were professional, cheerful, and made my stay relaxed and pleasant. (Rating: Excellent)
  • I found my room very noisy. I think it was the heating system going on and off all the time. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Hostesses Amanda and Danielle. Chef John; day nurse Caroline, night nurse Laura. All very friendly and professional. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Nurses Patricia, another Patricia, Suzi, Morag and Laura were very professional and extremely friendly. (Rating: Excellent)
  • The quality of care and the standard of nursing and medicine was second to none. This experience has been a reminder of how the majority of all hospitals were run in the past. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Patients’ names on room door – two visitors didn’t appreciate that Mr Roorty was the surgeon and since that was the only name on the door, they went back to the nurses’ station to ask if they had the correct room. (Rating: Excellent)
  • A very good and efficient hospital, and met all requirements. However, out of interest, I would have appreciated a breakdown of costs instead of just being given an invoice. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Different blend of tea! (Rating: Excellent)
  • The only reason I would hesitate to recommend this hospital is the noise from the heating system at night. I was very distressed by this noise and did not sleep all night. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Jeanette was great, and catering staff excellent. All staff were great, and on reception. (Rating: Excellent)
  • Every member of staff introduced themselves to me and were, without exception, courteous and caring. (Rating: Excellent)

February 2013

January 2013

  • One young woman, I think is comparatively new @ Out Patient Reception, went out
    of her way to get an answer to a question I asked. Unfortunately, I don’t have her
    name, but I came away with a good impression! (Rating: Excellent)
  • I think the hospital offers an excellent service but I needed two operations to
    my back and the Consultant who was caring for me was so busy he failed to get back
    to me the first time. I was taken in by the NHS as an emergency thereafter. I then
    needed a second operation and the same consultant could not carry out the op for
    over a month and again I was taken in by the NHS for an emergency op. I have private
    medical insurance which I pay for and I simply feel that this was not good enough.
    It would perhaps be an idea (if possible) to have more consultants sign up. This
    is my only complaint as the service for outpatients and MRI were excellent.(Rating
  • Anytime I have attended Nuffield Health I have been made to feel welcome right from
    the minute I walk through the main door any questions I have asked have been answered
    politely and easily enough for me to understand I couldn’t ask for any better communication
    anywhere else and my consultant is second to none. (Rating Excellent)
  • I stayed in room 37 but the heating system was noisey and I struggled to sleep.All
    the staff I came into contact with during my stay were excellent (Rating Very Good)
  • Consultant listened and was sympsthetic explained everything very clear first experience
    would come back (Rating Excellent)
  • I find that given this was a private consultaion time between calling and date of
    appointment was longer than expected. (Rating Satisfactory)
  • Can’t fault 1st class (Rating Excellent)
  • Fantastic service, very pleased (Rating Excellent)
  • I had an excellent stay in the Nuffield and would recommend it to anyone I know,
    I was well looked after and all the staff that took care of me couldn’t be any nicer,
    thank you for making me feel comfortable whilst my stay in the Hospital, and Greg
    at reception also made me laugh whilst I was nervously sitting waiting for my room
    to be ready. (Rating Excellent)
  • Very friendly and welcoming staff at reception when entering the hospital
  • (Rating Very Good)
  • When advised of my admission I was not informed that I should bring a dressing gown
    and slippers, although I was provided with these items. I was very impressed with
    the ward staff who were very informative and helpful and helped to allay any concerns.
    Full marks to them all. (Rating Excellent)
  • Night Nurse Lisa was very kind to me. (Rating Excellent)

December 2012

November 2012


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