Outstanding People delivering Excellent Care

At Glasgow Rheumatology Clinic we have based our practice at one of the leading private hospitals in Glasgow which has an established reputation in Scotland for patient care

The hospital, located in the west end of the city, and is open 6 days a week so if you have an urgent issue we can see you at very short notice. Also there are nursing staff on the premises 24 seven so if you have an out of hours problem this team can assist you.

The hospital staff are focussed on providing care on an individual basis, with an overall aim of creating a caring environment to encourage a speedy recovery and well-being. The hospital itself is registered with Health Improvement Scotland and routinely obtains a rating of “excellent” by the HIS inspectors (Formerly the Commission for the regulation of Care , Scotland).

Our outpatient department is fully equipped with the materials and trained staff that makes any visit to the hospital as easy as possible. We also have our own laboratory on site so and tests that are required can be turned around in the shortest possible time. In addition we have our own Pharmacy on site so any medication required is normally readily available for you to take away with you.

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