From Source to Solutions…

Dr Bawa’s Clinic offers specialised rheumatology and sports injury services which are tailored to the individual. He will efficiently assess, diagnose and treat your condition. From simple muscle pulls to potential chronic and debilitating conditions, he is able to give you an accurate diagnosis, prompt treatment and ultimately peace of mind.

Dr Bawa has access to a multidisciplinary independent team of specialists who specialise in Rheumatological disorders and this means you will have rapid access to the most experienced consultants and pain management specialists in Scotland if required.

As we partner with the Nuffield Hospital in Glasgow we never compromise on quality of care and our pricing policy is extremely competitive.

All treatments and follow up are local, with no need to travel to hospitals or clinics elsewhere in the UK.

Whatever problem you may have you can contact us without obligation and can then make an appointment directly with Dr Bawa for a detailed consultation for your specific complaints.